Our Mission

To lead people into an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our Values

The Word of God
God's Word is the final authority on how we are to live our lives.

Evangelistic Relationships
Every believer will be encouraged to invest in the lives of others so that they too may experience the forgiveness Christ offers.

Family Partnership
The church will partner with families by empowering and inspiring parents to be spiritual leaders in their home.

Engaging Environments
Every environment the church offers will be personally relevant and life-stage specific.

Genuine Discipleship
The church will develop Christ-like disciples who develop Christ-like disciples.

Intentional Service
Everyone will be regularly encouraged and inspired to serve the church, their local community, and the world.

Spiritual growth happens best in the community of a small group where accountability, care, and connection take place.

Leadership Building
Every leader will be intentionally growing and nurturing future leaders, preparing the next generation.